tHEE VESTMENTS explores contemporary life and culture through the creation of fine art celebratory artifacts that illuminate our unseen world and celebrate the beauty found within the cracks in the façade.

tHEE VESTMENTS was inspired initially by the discovery of 11th century Bog People, buried in water, weathered by peat,   preserved for millennia, their history and experience a mystery, their disturbing beauty still alive.  

Through a series of capsules, each piece is created with woven and embellished textiles, raw silk, wool, linen….. reclaiming words and shapes from ancient and contemporary sources.

They have been produced in a numbered series for each colour story.
All of our fabrics and fibres are natural and all printing uses non-toxic water-based pigment.
Our  packaging is made from recycled materials.
We are sensitive to the quantity and quality of the raw materials being consumed. 

tHEE VESTMENTS are currently available in our online shop.

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