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D/P/H Blanket

D/P/H Blanket is a two-sided motif that acts as a cipher, recreating the lyrics of Patti Smith’s ‘Privilege (Set Me Free)’ and NIN’s ‘Heresy’ in a now disused masonry alphabet. The two songs meanings are set against one another...

As the liner notes for Patti Smith’s ‘Privilege’ describe “the title track from the john hayman-peter watkins production of the film privilege. A movie that merged the rock martyr (Paul Jones) with all the sacristal images of the sixties...the cross…the christ...the whip and the lashes that served to veil velvet weeping balls-the eyes of jean shrimpton.”

While Trent Reznor is quoted, "I was trying to explore some of the paranoia I have as a sexually active person in the age of AIDS," he says of "Heresy." "I guess I feel cheated for not growing up in a more liberated era. At the same time, what gets me mad is the way the right wing has used the 'convenience' of this epidemic in helping to promote their own agenda."

Representations of Narwhals and tribal statues depicting ancestral memory reflect on the liberation and responsibility of one’s body and looking towards a future that doesn’t feel abandoned.

The cloth has been woven with Cotton and Lambswool in Suffolk, England.

The Medallion was forged and finished in Sheffield, England.

Each colourway comes in a numbered edition of 100.

Dimensions: 211 cm length x 60 cm wide