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Wickerman NewsPrint

Wickerman NewsPrint is a vertical motif that acts as a cipher, recreating the lyrics of Pulp’s ‘Wickerman’ in a now disused masonry alphabet. The songs meaning has been described as depicting...

“the do-or-die moments that come in every romantic situation;

a sense of discovery and escape; morbid fascination;

working-class desperation;

missed opportunities; and the unknowable future.” *

Tracing the path of a river through an urban nightscape the song, ‘provides both a sense of stability and mystery.’*

*Posted by Mike at 10:26 PM Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The cloth has been woven with Cotton and Viscose / Flax in Suffolk, England.

The Medallion was forged and finished in Sheffield, England.

Each colourway comes in a numbered edition of 100.

Dimensions: 147 cm length x 28.5 cm width